Behold: Code OP4, The Podcast Project

So I’ve just been listening to podcasts (What is podcasting?). Manong Guard and KFX, TWiT, Diggnation, Jessica Zafra’s. No, its not the iPod purchase that prompted this; its the gainful employment, with a decent internet connection.

So why not make my own?

See, I’ve always been an FM radio fan. I could go through the list of channels since early high school, provide you the names of the DJ’s in each station, the station’s preferred music genre played, etc. I’d recall how easy it was how I contributed to a group report in a Broadcasting class in college without having to prepare a minute for it: in front of the class, I had a karaoke machine, where I went from end-to-end of the FM dial, providing brief descriptions at each station stop.

Oh, there was also that DJ ambition of mine.

See, I’m easily a music nut, early on. I tried to conceptualize my own radio show, a la Planet X (the defunt 93.1 RX show), not Not Radio. Again, in college, I’d randomly take people I know from the CMC walkway and give them a sampling of my DJ spiel. Yeah, freaky.

So here I go. Please help if you can.


I have an Astone 128MB MP3 player, which I haven’t been using for months. AFAIK, it does have a recorder, so that should suffice. Backup setup: my T68i recorder, though I think the output is in midi, not mp3.

Re software: I’ve read people use Audacity for their podcasts, which I’ve toyed with before. Will this suffice?


This refers to the intro music, as well as segment music. So as not to tread on someone else’s copyright, I’m considering the cheesy dance-y midis I’ve made months ago using my T68i’s Music DJ feature.


OP4 = One Pinoy Pundit Podcasts (from my blog subtitle, One Pinoy Pundit Points and Shoots) Seriously, I’m out of ideas on this one 🙁


I don’t have plans to upgrade my hosting account (sorry, Abe), and I can’t comprehend how you can upload files to Odeo. I’ve registered for an account at ourmedia, and I hope that suffices.


Segments about:

  • Tech
  • Photography
  • Cinema/DVDs
  • Audio
  • Living in Shanghai

I intend to be brief with the segments, and just tackle big subjects in fragments.

Podcasting alone will be a definite challenge. Here’s hoping this dude can make it to China soon. We will defintely rawk if we do a combined podcast. He’s schizo, I’m just odd.

On an unrelated note, here’s a snapshot of our account christmas party.


Yes, christmas party.

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