Tech-inspired in Shanghai

So it was Burger King after work, somewhere, I’m not really sure. It probably was near the Jingan Temple, a subway stop.


Fellow expats say its not exactly a temple anymore. No matter. It was an incidental tourist spot, compared to what I was aiming for: Xu Ja Hui, a locally infamous gadget mecca.

Yes, I was giddy like a kid. But ok, there were only two things that really got my pants wet (figuratively, of course): the imini, a MacMini clone, which seemed to be a more competent unit than the MiniPC (the latter, according to reviews, was too noisy), and Apple Aperture, which, on first glance, reminds me of a souped up Picasa 2.

However, a discussion with the supervisor informed me that there was another place to go to, to get the really cheap tech bargains. Also, Xu Jia Hui was definitely not the place for serious digicam buyers. Barely saw anything more advanced than the Canon Rebel.

And I know, the accompanying pictures aren’t the tourist-y photographs I’d expect even of myself. Next time, next time.

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