Geeking Out: WP 2.0

A curious part of work which I sort of started is the implementation of a CMS for an itnernal project. Big issue: we run on a Windows server, we’re limited to ASP. I haven’t suggested that we install PHP yet, since I will safely assume its a long shot. Any suggestions? Oh, if you can provide a non-exe version of OpenWiki for me, I’ll… link you! 🙂

So, corollary to that, I’m testing out WordPress 2.0 (my own sandbox here). Impressions? Everything else every avid WP user should be familiar with by now is still there, albeit a spruced up UI with AJAX, most prominently on the Write page.

Other notables:

  • Default Akismet and WP Backup plugins.
  • Import from Blogger, Textpattern, and RSS.
  • Neat color customization for the default Kubrick (v1) theme
  • Expanded user roles: Administrator, Author, Editor, Contributor,Subscriber

If you’ve been using a blog, it follows almost the same presentation/scheme. In sum, I’m sort of glad most of the updates are cosmetic, and the other added features are actually useful.

UPDATE: By the end of the week, the final build should be out. Nah 🙁


TECH-TIP: Some websites blocked at work? Try Google’s Language Tools, and enter the forbidden URL in the Translate a web page field, and choose any language conversion to English 🙂 If you’re geeky enough though, you would’ve read this from the same nerd-world I subscribe to.

2 thoughts on “Geeking Out: WP 2.0”

  1. Uhm, good suggestion, but have I gotten it right: only the beta’s are free? I think its overkill, too for what we want here. All we want is a CMS for a user guide.

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