Post-Christmas Post

I haven’t posted lately due to my wanting to upgrade this site to the latest WP release, and since I’m quite sure I’d probably have a messy upgrade if I do it myself (company firewall’s fault, I guess), I’ve politely asked my host to proceed the upgrade instead. Where’s the connection? Two words: daily backup.


So it’s Rizal Day, and I’m on some land I’m supposing Rizal never stepped on. Tomorrow night I will be attending a Shanghai expat countdown party: no expectations here, but I’d just rather not be sulking my cold ass alone at the apartment.

So how was Christmas, you say? Better illustrated in pictures here.

And my favorite night shot in Shanghai so far:

At The Bund

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5 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Post

  1. emer says:

    upgraded to 2.0, but i got this issue:

    but otherwise a smooth upgrade. m not utterly in need of the new features, but i just love shiney new code 🙂

  2. rain says:

    Oh gee. Hmm. Squible (theme) users don’t seem to have issues with this though. Are you using any spam filter plugins? Baka yun. I’ve disabled Spam Karma, and have been using Akismet for the past month or so. May nakakalusot na spam, pero so far, some previous comments issues have been fixed.

  3. yuga says:

    Commencing upgrade to 2.0. 🙂

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