Random Film and Tech Link Love

Its -2 deg C here now. Brrr.

Besides local, Shanghai weather news, I’m supposed to start answering voicemails today for work. But then, there’re blog matters 🙂

In TV/Film news:

Jon Stewart will host Oscars!

Since my film sensibilities improved, I stopped watching the Oscars with hope that I could see worthy artists recognized. I sometimes only merely see it now as entertainment, and hosts do matter.

Yes folks, there’s a Jon Woo directed He-Man movie

There should be more promise to this than the Aeon Flux crap, though I am hoping someone else here will buy the DVD here so I could judge the film fairly. No way will I spend precious RMB acquiring a copy.
For my latest PinoyTechBlog posts:

Make IE More Web Standards Compliant (Ok, this one’s a bit forced)

Lussumo’s Vanilla: A New Kind of Web Forum (This one looks especially nice.)

Now, work.

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  1. Hi Rain,…I think this is the first time that Jon Stewart will host the Oscars and just because I am a big fan of his, I think I am most excited to watch him perform. Maybe he could outdo Billy Crystal on this…

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