Podcasts Make Me Sane, Part 1

True, podcasts are my current salvation. Its how I keep in touch with what I’m actually interested in. No effing compromises.

It all started with diggnation and TWiT (links not necessary, I think), praiseworthy techno-centric shows, which I don’t believe needs any more pundit-words assiged to them. Though, I do enjoy the former show.

Then there’s this recent discovery: actual radio shows of songs.

NPR: All Songs Considered

Not for the pop at heart. Their year-ender episode (I’m 3/4 done with it) was chokful of artists and bands I’ve only heard in passing, or totally unknown to me – and I do pride myself in knowing something about various music scenes. Goes through the gamut of contemporary music: rock, jazz, world, etc., and laments on the lack of derivative-of-the-old music today. Oddly, the show has a certain Spin magazine, err, spin to it, levelling it to the status of ok, but not great.

Zoe’s Radio Show

One cute grrl teener-podcaster, with a music aesthetic I’d murder for at her age. Indie rawk fo y’all, with a clear channel segment for those radio hits that stick-to-you. A painfully adorable listen. In my mid-teens, I was raising eyebrows to the hiphop-metal wars, and was only starting to discover indie music, by way of Pavement. Oh, and there were shows lik Not Radio, and Planet X (I favor the latter than the former) over local radio for weekly music education.


Sadly, reviewing 2005, I haven’t gone hot-and-heavy with anything really new, music-wise. I’d recall only three heavy influences: Interpol, The Killers, and Snow Patrol, and that’s for the entire 365 days.

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