Podcasts Make Me Sane, Part 2

Skip learn-a-language tapes. Learn a language with podcasts!

I needed to take 6 units (2 classes) of a foreign language elective, and that’s besides the 6 required units of Spanish. So I took French (I was probably reading Rimbaud then), and German (of course, Rilke!). Was I ever good? Not the least.

Now, transplanted in China, its obvious that I would really need to learn the langauge to get by. An officemate did lend me a Chinese-English book, but Mandarin -and I guess all variants of Chinese- is too complex to be put in text. You have to listen to it.

Hence, here’s the ChinesePod podcasts. This will be a pending review though, since I haven’t listened to it yet.


Podcast Find of the Day
: The Ricky Gervais podcasts! For anyone who has seen the genius of The Office, or for anyone who’d wet their pants when they find out that this is the same guy who sang that New Wave hit More To Lose (Gervais is one-half of Seona Dancing).

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