Running a webserver on the iPod

I have a flashdrive, but what about just using the extra storage on my iPod for my techie experiments? Here’s one: a workstation-based webserver, but now, its residing on the iPod. I skipped WAMP, and I just set up the very slim Uniform Server (11.7MB). It lovingly works, too 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Running a webserver on the iPod

  1. Craig says:

    So this works? No issues at all? Just install and run? I don’t yet have an ipod, but am familiar with “WAMP on a stick” installs.

    Will it work with all iPods?

    Details please!


  2. rain says:

    Yes it does! Just be sure that your iPod is enabled for disk use. Details are all in the docs for webservers like the one I mentioned, and the more popular XAMPP.

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