The Wowee Zowee Weekend

I was thumbing through DVDs, and I had to stop after every few minutes because my fingers were freezing and going numb. I left with a pretty good loot: Works of Anton Corbijn, and a Hou Hsiao Hsien box set. This was what I did Saturday morning after work. The rest of the happenings that day were insignificant, so I’ll move on to Sunday’s events.

After a week of dreary rain, the Shanghai sun shone lovingly over the populace. I called the few officemates who were also planning to travel around the city, but was sorely disappointed that they’ll likely postpone the plans for the afternoon. Since its been two weeks since I clipped my hair, thats how I spent a really grogeous morning to go out. No matter, at least I could save up on lunch.

Early afternoon, my bag was packed with a bottle of water, and two cameras. I called my prospective company again, and a just woke-up voice answered me: alright, I get it, I’m off by my lonesome again, today. There was no definite solo-itinerary, but I had this roughly in mind: HuanLong (camera mecca), Xujiahui (electronics mecca), and Ba Bai Ban (DVD mecca).

Thanks to web research, I finally have a name for my photography paradise. I was intent on buying film for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, but decided to just ask around for DSLR camera prices. I had enough courage this time to also ask about the vintage cameras in the stores. More geeky details can be found here.

Off to Xujiahui. I wanted a pair of DJ-style headphones. Alas, I left the place again with nothing. The only reasonable buy was a Sony, which was pegged at 280RMB (x 6.8 for Peso conversion; though I was intent on getting Sennheissers). Some vendors were giving me 100% markup on the same unit. Blech. I went DSLR-hunting, too, since HuanLong was Canon-and-Nikon land. The Olympus E500, and even the very new (Pentax-based) Samsung Pro815 were on display at some stores.

Confusion struck when finding the proper exit at the DongChang subway station. This was probably past 7. I wanted to find the quickest way to get to Ba Bai Ban, since I left off a couple of titles that wouldn’t let me sleep soundly. I went off to unfamiliar streets anyway, distracted by people eating these Chinese pizzas I saw before. I stopped myself after seeing 10 people muching on the goodies: I had to find the place where they buy the stuff. A few minutes later, I was gnawing on the crunchy dough myself: a tad too salty, but filling.

I did get to Ba Bai Ban, which turned out to be an impractical move. No, I didn’t leave with the Pavement Slow Century double-disc DVD only; the lure of the 3 music cd stores got to me:
Satisfying the music fix
I was limping-tired on my way home. I had enough strength to buy some apples at the nearest fruit stand the our Dongbo Road apartment, though.

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