Chinese New Year 2006, Part 1

Was awake the entire Saturday, chitchatting the day away with apartment-mates, waiting for the late afternoon, where we’re supposed to go and eat spaghetti in Zhanyang, where some of our officemates reside. None of the locals invited us to partake in anything close to an authentic Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner, so that’s what we settled on.

The fireworks wasn’t as impressive as expected, but it was still a good feeling that I’m seeing this here in Shanghai. However, it does seem like my home-province of Bulacan has more variety with pyrotechnic aerial displays.

More talk about the festivities later. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of my weekend photos:

Nanjing Road

More of the still incomplete Chinese New Year 2006 photos here.


And just in case you won’t see this in the ad placed below this entry, see how cute are Google’s themed ads for the Chinese New Year:


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