The Tuesday That Was: DSLR Hunting

So I went to bed around 10, halfway through TWiT, and woke up at 3. I didn’t feel any sleepy, but it dawned on me i shouldn’t waste time: I’m still camera-sick, and I have to give a resolution to this. So, I cooked some wanton soup, hot-showered, and headed for the subway. It will be the same routine as before, but now, I was eyeing the Pentax *ist DL. And for backup, its the Nikon D50, since online sites their prices aren’t that far off from each other.

HuanLong: no *ist DL, not even an *ist DS. A handful of D50s, but the price was about $200 more than my estimate.

Xujiahui: no *ist DL, just one ist DS. Another handful of D50s, a bit more expensive than those at HuanLong. Some EVolts, too. And the Pentax-based Samsung PRO 815 is pegged at 5999 RMB (38,439.76 PHP).

Changyang: didn’t go there (haven’t been there, too), since I expected the shops to be closed past 6, since that was what I exeperienced at HuanLong. I traced the subway lines on how to get there, and this lead me to Line 4, which I’m assuming will be the newest addition to the Shanghai subway network. I decided to start there and find my way to the office; I guessed right that this was the less-populated way.

Pre-office, I had dinner at the gargantuan, 8-floor Super Brand Mall. Pizza Hut! KFC! Err, McDonalds! I ended up munching on chicken nuggets, despite a pizza-craving. It sucks to travel alone.


Earlier today, I called some numbers given by Pentax USA support, for their local reps. Was not surprised when the people on the other line hung up on me, since my greeting was “Do you speak English?“.

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  1. great shots! i kinda noticed that assymetry is really ur style. i really prefer that over boring symmetry. u do have the eye!


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