Snow in Shanghai, Part 2

I was not keen on spending another 50RMB on a so-so eat-all-you-can breakfast at the Ascott ‘serviced apartments‘ nearby, but I wanted to be a social being this morning. So I went.

Oh, and there was an actual, heavy snowfall already.

I first noticed it on my way to get lunch at the nearest Kedi convenience store near the Oriental Hospital, about 3am, right across our building. Then, everyone else was enthusiastic during daybreak, since the waiting shed rooftops showed visible, white snow.

So after another hype-breakfast, we went to the front lawn of the hotel, since there were some people building a small snowman, and the landscaping of the space was the most accessible, near-pretty place to take pictures with. I took rough video clips, which you can download as a 27.9MB ZIP file here.

Not so noticeable in the vicinity was a playground.

Shanghai Snow

So I was finally able to use the Snow setting on my P&S digicam.

A handful of photos of officemates can also be found at my Multiply site, where I dump all my Shanghai-people photos.

As of 11AM, snow has stopped, and I guess roads will be awfully slippery.

NOTE: I’m so effing motivated to do vodcasts/vidcasts now.

2 thoughts on “Snow in Shanghai, Part 2”

  1. Am glad you didn’t call it a Vlog hahaha. (Saw Groupee TV one time and they called a video log as a Vlog hehehe.)

    I was reading Amy Tan’s “The Hundred Secret Senses” and the character Olivia is a photographer. She was taking photos in China, using her Leica. Wala lang. Pare, naalala lang kita when I read that.

    Looks like you’re having a blast – aside from a snowblast 😉

  2. Yak. Vlog :p

    Hahaha. I bought a Russian Leica clone here, but I haven’t really used it. Looks like I’ll be going digital na talaga.

    Wala nang isnow!

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