State of Affairs Re Tech Comedy

I’ve seen three episodes of the much-applauded Brit comedy The IT Crowd, and I should consider myself a fan now. And, mucho thanks to the interface-challenged Google Video (limited access in China), I don’t really have to conventionally download a copy of the shows. It is a wee odd though that this TV concept had to come from a fairly not-so-popular dominion of geekdom (Great Britain), but the outcome is a rather potent mix.

On second thought, I’m glad the Brits did it, since US-based sitcoms tend to be moronically un-funny nowadays.


Acquired all the episodes of Martin Sargent‘s podcast Infected, and boy-oh, this isn’t for the faint-hearted, or anyone who claims to be PC, or culturally-sensitive for that matter. The first five episodes mentioned my nationality (Filipino) in a rather derogatory manner, though I definitely won’t go on a web-campaign to stop this. Point is, I’m not exposed to contemporary American comedy as heavily as I probably could, so this off-the-wall approach needs some getting used to. But another point: I’m hooked.

The podcasts are Internet-themed, assumingly stemming from Sargent’s old TechTV segments (and an old TV show of his I’ve never seen), where he covered web-oddities. This theme, however, comprises 10% of each shows content; all else seems to be a low-brow, redneck expletive-a-thon. But here’s another point: its a comedy show, folks, much like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, albeit… wonkier.

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