The Weekend Walk

Last Saturday marked going with the men-at-work, uhm, shopping. We went to XiangYang, then Xipu. Notable moments consist of eating at Yoshinoya -for a Pinoy, one would imagine it easy to look for a simple, fastfood-style rice meal in Shanghai; been here four months already, and this was really the only time I was satisfied- and munching on multi-flavored hotdogs, and donuts at Mister Donut. Yes, Mister Donut’s offerings here are a far, far cry from what I’ve been used to. Though, yes, they are about 6 times more expensive.

Sunday was another solo trip to wherever-my feet-leads-me-to, starting mid-morning. Ok, so I had a pseudo-itinerary to go to the local bookstores with English titles, but I only had these instructions: go off at Exit 4 at Middle Henan Road subway station. Bought a bilingual Guide to Shanghai book at a big bookstore at Nanjing Road, and set myself off to looking for 1) a foreign langauges bookstore; and a 2) baragain bookstore of used titles. I was successful in locating both, plus one art-centric bookstore, where I found a curious item: a Lomo Shanghai book. It was cheap at 25RMB, but it only took me 5 minutes to stick to my guts and proclaim: I’ll never be a sucker to the Lomography credo anymore, so even if this one is cheap, I’ll pass.

The bargain bookstore was a curious shop. They did have the usual photography coffee-table books for 100RMB up, and two curious Filipiana items: one on Philippine Tourism, and another one on Writing for Children, published in the early 80s.

I went home before sundown, hungry, tired, with just about a dozen half-decent photos -oh yes, this is my 350D’s first walkabout shoot- and the only rest I granted myself was five minutes on a plastic, subway chair.

The weekend photos here.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Walk”

  1. awesome street shots… ever considered hardcore street portraiture?

    btw, I switched back to wordpress after 3 days of using typo.

  2. Awesome? Nah. I just wanted to post those because I haven’t been uploading any photos lately.

    Re hardcore street portraiture: I’m inherently shy, but China would be the ideal place for that kind of thing.

    Ha! So sayang na yung Ruby on Rails hosting mo nyan?

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