Semi-geek and One Other Geek Chat

neil: rain.
rain: yo
neil: Know of a (insert random geek question)
rain: la e. sana kung nasa bahay ako, i may have some to give you, pero nasa shanghai ako dude e.
neil: Whoa.
neil: You’re in Shanghai, as in China? Not shanghai-ed, right?
rain: pucha, kilala mo pa yung bandang yun
rain: weheheh
rain: yeah man, shanghai
neil: Wait.
neil: Band?
neil: I don’t no any band named Shanghai or Shanghai-ed.
neil: s/no/know/
rain: there was
rain: a long long time ago
rain: haha
neil: Oh.
neil: Ghoddammit.
neil: Maybe I can trick the folks into thinking Ubuntu is the latest version of Windows or something.
rain: err, akala ko ayaw mo ubuntu
rain: nasubukan mo na pala reactos?
neil: Yeah, well, it’s the friendliest distro.
neil: Not yet. Ghoddammit, itching to, though.
neil: But I don’t have my own machine at the moment.
neil: Fragged beyond repair, I think.
rain: you’ve heard of bootcamp, too, right?
neil: Yeah.
neil: But there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy a Mac just to run Windows.
rain: pero thing is
rain: for people like me
rain: who depend on photoshop
rain: which has not been ported to intel mac’s yet
rain: its a feasible alternative
rain: but then
rain: i know who im talking to, so ill stop there
neil: (insert the roflol icon)
rain: so whats new in your geek world
neil: Not much, since I haven’t been able to code properly in the longest time.
neil: Working on a Web-based forum in Python, but I’m using my mom’s laptop.
rain: oh, i’d like to get your opinion on WEB 2.0
rain: hehehe
neil: Sure. Let me just find out what the hell it is, first.
rain: hahaha
rain: you dont listen to the tech podcasts, i presume
neil: I don’t even know what the hell they are.
neil: As you can probably tell, I haven’t had much free time in the last few months.
rain: oh ok. la lang. that gives me my tech sanity here. i work with computer engineers, and computer science grads, and im the only one interested on stuff like web 2.0, intel macs, and linux
neil: Oh.
neil: Okay.
neil: Now I know.
neil: Basically, `Web 2.0′ is the buzzword-term for what we’ve been doing all along.
rain: teka, dialup ka pa ba?
neil: At least, according to
rain: oh oh, and web 2.0 cant exist with ajax. whehehe
neil: At the moment, something more like ISDN. But not really.
neil: I don’t mean AJAX.
neil: I don’t like AJAX for some reason.
rain: why
neil: I wish you hadn’t asked; I honestly have no clue why I dislike AJAX.
neil: I’ll get back to you once I have an answer.
rain: you… dont like gmail’s behavior?
neil: Hrm. I do, as a matter of fact. But Gmail’s the exception, rather than the rule. It’s kind of like Flash, I guess. I’m betting there’ll be thousands of piss-poor uses of AJAX overwhelming the couple or so good ones, before people realize that there’s something fundamentally wrong with AJAX. If it even comes to that.
rain: dude, ill do something thats oh so typical of a blogger: i’ll post our conversation on my blog.
neil: (insert roflol icon here)

I met Neil about 3-4 years ago, and he is a conundrum for a human, but he’s all-geek. He’s the first trekkie I met, too, who admittingly sheds a tear on some episodes of his fave show.

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