Doing the Digital-Vintage Hybrid, Part 1

I couldn’t help it:

Jupiter 9 on a 350D Jupiter 9 on a 350D

That’s a 350RMB Jupiter 8, an 85mm portrait lens, made in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), in 1974. Successfully adapted to my Canon 350D.

According to research, the price I get the lens for is a fair bargain. The question is, based on the looks of the lens itself, it doesn’t seem like it is of the M42 mount, rather, its the M39 (READ: mounts, easily put, are how you’d determine if a lens fits to a certain camera; the M42 is my target, since I already have some of these; aka Pentax-mounts).

I was also looking for a Takumar 50mm ‘normal’ lens. This took me in: f/1.4 (READ: the widest opening of the camera is at 1.4, which is wider than some 50mm FSU models). Found one, though the optics was already yellow-ing. Good thing I did my research, since this happens to be a normal occurence to some of these lenses that were made at a specific period.

Sample photos? The Jupiter 9 is primarily a ‘portrait lens‘ (at 85mm; short telephoto), and unfortunately, I don’t have models to shoot. Soon, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Doing the Digital-Vintage Hybrid, Part 1”

  1. Kasing-bigat yata nung camera yung lens e. Hahaha. Pero for an 85mm, its as physically short as a 50mm.

    Nga pala dude, what Jupiter 9 lens did you get? Kasi there’re old and new types e.

  2. wala pa, pero hahanap ako ng m42 mount nang derecho para wala ng prob sa infinity focus… pero who needs infinity anyways?

  3. sony? wag, walang m42 adaptor para sa sony… heheheh, j/k. in addition to the proprietary media (m-stick), and the reviews you’ve already read, why not search for sample photos of the model you want sa pbase and sa flickr?

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