Doing the Digital-Vintage Hybrid, Part 1

I couldn’t help it:

Jupiter 9 on a 350D Jupiter 9 on a 350D

That’s a 350RMB Jupiter 8, an 85mm portrait lens, made in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), in 1974. Successfully adapted to my Canon 350D.

According to research, the price I get the lens for is a fair bargain. The question is, based on the looks of the lens itself, it doesn’t seem like it is of the M42 mount, rather, its the M39 (READ: mounts, easily put, are how you’d determine if a lens fits to a certain camera; the M42 is my target, since I already have some of these; aka Pentax-mounts).

I was also looking for a Takumar 50mm ‘normal’ lens. This took me in: f/1.4 (READ: the widest opening of the camera is at 1.4, which is wider than some 50mm FSU models). Found one, though the optics was already yellow-ing. Good thing I did my research, since this happens to be a normal occurence to some of these lenses that were made at a specific period.

Sample photos? The Jupiter 9 is primarily a ‘portrait lens‘ (at 85mm; short telephoto), and unfortunately, I don’t have models to shoot. Soon, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Doing the Digital-Vintage Hybrid, Part 1”

  1. Kasing-bigat yata nung camera yung lens e. Hahaha. Pero for an 85mm, its as physically short as a 50mm.

    Nga pala dude, what Jupiter 9 lens did you get? Kasi there’re old and new types e.

  2. sony? wag, walang m42 adaptor para sa sony… heheheh, j/k. in addition to the proprietary media (m-stick), and the reviews you’ve already read, why not search for sample photos of the model you want sa pbase and sa flickr?

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