At the Greatest National Geographic Photographs Exhibition Tour China

I had a suspicion that what looked like an exhibit of National Geogaphic photos in the Chinese-language dailies at the office pantry meant there was an actual, ongoing exhibit of National Geographic photos. Last Saturday, at a Sony showroom, I picked up a flyer:

Greatest National Geographic Photographs Exhibition Tour China Swag
So, after calling up the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art the morning of Sunday, asking for diretions, I stepped into its halls, though thats after a 3-subway-line trek, 2 long-walk transfers, and about 30 minutes of looking for the damn place.
Exhibit Venue

I was hesitant on bringing my camera, since I didn’t know if these things were allowed in the venue. Surprise, surprise: there was approximately more than a dozen people holding their own kit-lens’d Canon 350D, taking pictures of, err, pictures. I didn’t take the idea in very well, since I primarily wanted to shoot what was going on in the exhibit itself. But oh well, I did take some snaps of some photos I fancied.

This isn't in the magazine.

Girl shoots the Afghan Girl photos

View the full gallery here.

And folks, this was just the start of my eventful, albeit lonesome, Sunday. Another post to follow.

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2 thoughts on “At the Greatest National Geographic Photographs Exhibition Tour China

  1. […] After visiting the National Geographic Exhibit, I discovered that Duolon Lu had a few more interesting sights. There were a handful of specialty stores, selling anything from fancy chess boards, to anything Sino-vintage. Reminds me a lot of Crisologo St. in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. […]

  2. […] Then there were the other exhibits, where people can snap-away with their cameras. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel odd taking photos of museum pieces, especially photos-on-display. This was different though: these were sculptures, pottery, etc., and the artists have been dead centuries. So, armed with my still excellent-but-still-unfamiliar Canon 50mm F/1.8 II lens, I tripped-shutter: […]

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