At the Duolun Lu Culture Street

Long time, no blog entry. No, I haven’t been immersing myself into the overblown expat party scene here in Shanghai. My weekends have been Pinoy-centric, as I’m actually settling into an amicable social sphere with a new batch of co-workers.

Oddly, I now miss going out into the Shanghai streets alone, and being lost for hours at a time.


A delayed entry follows:

After visiting the National Geographic Exhibit, I discovered that Duolon Lu had a few more interesting sights. There were a handful of specialty stores, selling anything from fancy chess boards, to anything Sino-vintage. Reminds me a lot of Crisologo St. in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

The short afternoon in pictures:

Hong-De Tang Church

Antique Shops

Looking into an old house

View the full gallery here.

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