I’ve-Been-A-Bad-Shanghai-Blogger Updates

For the past few weeks, I can say I’ve been a good real-social boy. I walk, talk, even eat at the same table with people. During weekends.

The highlights:

Crayfish Eating

The officemate-newbies comprise the bulk of my social lot. We -me and my roommate- have been spending weekends at their apartment. Good laughs, good company, I’d say. May 6 was the date when we weren’t really sure where we’d want to go, and how we’d salvage what’s left of our meager funds. First on the itinerary: dinner. On the bus from Changdao Lu, we passed a street teeming with people eating on the sidewalk. We decided to drop ourselves off, and see what’s there for ourselves.

One word: crayfish. Or crawfish, as some of us remember these pesky little red specimen. I don’t think I’d ever manage eating in one of these places, not knowing Mandarin. Two from the group knew some Mandarin, the Taiwan-blend.

With our transluscent plastic body-shield-slash-aprons, and gloves, we dived for the red critters, with about as much fried rice. Being here in Shanghai for about half a year already, I’m willing to believe that the locals aren’t so fond of rice-and-ulam, as comapred to Pinoys. Beer wasn’t part of our menu, but apparently it was for the others.

Choking on crayfish!

Shanghai Old Town

I’ve been wanting to go to anything culturally authentic here in Shanghai. I was under the impression this place called Shanghai Old Town will live up to that expectation: it… didn’t. It could’ve been a huge Binondo (Manila) bazaar. My posse was there last weekend, and though it lifted be from a bout of depression the day before, I was merely satisfied that I went somewhere-else on a weekend. It wasn’t even a very prodcutive photo-op, since I was getting flare from some shots; yes, I have no lens hoods.

At the Shanghai Old Town Bazaar

Lunch was terrible. The most accessible food-court there looked promising, where people were taking out snail meat with toothpics with gusto. I ordered myself a bowl, and was even excited to find my much-hunted food-of-childhood: tatampal as we who grew up in Obando, Bulacan know it, or for the others, alupihang dagat.


Was it good? Snails were sub-standard comapred to that cooked in gata, and the tatampal were skinny and dry. I spent 65 kwai on crap. I could’ve had 3-4 good meals at the Megabite foodcourt in Carrefour (a huge, local grocery/mall) instead.

Yu Yuan Gardens, a prime tourist attraction within the vicinity of the bazaar, cost 40 kwai, so we skipped it. Will be back, though I hope I could figure out how to get to the place without needing to ride a taxi to get there.

7 thoughts on “I’ve-Been-A-Bad-Shanghai-Blogger Updates”

  1. the last time i ate “alupihang-dagat” was when i was still in primary skool, kaso that thing u got there doesn’t look that tempting, it looks dried up, sarap ba? hehehe.

  2. Yeah, man, they wre dry and skinny. Sayang lang ang pera, pero I am still hopeful na makakakain ulit ako ng ganito na fresh at meaty. Paborito ko kasi to sobra nung bata pa ako sa hometown ko sa Obando (Bulacan), with crusty sinangag. Yum yum!

  3. eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww… that looks scary!
    hey, u guys have carrefour there? buti pa jan. i miss buying cheap goods in carrefour. 🙂

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