Zongzi aka Suman Surprise

The HR Department of the company I work for gave everyone zongzi, or rice dumpling, which are made for the Dragonboad Festival held today.

As most Shanghainese food doesn’t really fare well to my fellow-Pinoys here in the company, only a select few of us actually dived in. I coined another name for it: suman surprise, since you’d never really know what’s in ’em, or we weren’t told how to. I had the rather sweet monggo-filled one first, which works. I had another two, meat-filled this time, and I didn’t really bother going past a third bite.


It doesn’t help that I read this over at ShanghaiDaily today:

ALMOST 10 percent of zongzi, a traditional sweet eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, has failed a bacteria test by the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. The administration checked 90 zongzi ahead of today’s festival and 11 failed, it said yesterday [source]

Oh, what I’d give for some good ol’ Antipolo suman.

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