Urban Dream Capsule in Shanghai

The mere mention of performance art throws me back to college, and reminds me of my mandatory, no-one is exempted, speech class in UP Diliman. Performance art was my final speech topic, of course, inspired by all the peculiar art-school kids I hung out with.

So, when I read from the papers that there was this perfromance art-piece to be held in Shanghai, I instantly decided it to be the next photo-op. It was the Urban Dream Capsule:

The Urban Dream Capsule is a performance installation that is generally four men living exposed lives in the complete public gaze for periods of two weeks or so. It has been described as a non-stop interactive silent movie created by sympathetic anarchists. And pre-dating reality TV has been cheekily called little brother…

Urban Dream Capsule in Shanghai

Urban Dream Capsule in Shanghai

Urban Dream Capsule in Shanghai

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And here’re the events obstacles for a credible shoot:

1) I’m freaky short, and Chinese aren’t. So that lessens more or less 50% chance of a good shot.
2) The weather was probably in the upper 20s. Its probably hell-ish in the darn capsule.
3) I was tied to taking portraits, since I didn’t get any decent shots with the kit lens, and opted for the 50mm f/1.8 one.

How did I find the performance? Admirable, considering the Shanghai heat. The kids went for it, Chinese or not -since Xintiandi, the performance’s venue, is equivalent to, say, the posh of Makati’s Greenbelt- which I believe is always a good thing.

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