Too Many Jeff Buckley Records

Last Thursday evening, a smile found its way to my face. See, I won something from SmartShanghai:

Kaskade: Here & Now

And I just entered the contest the very same day. Was more surprised that I got the DHL package at the apartment yesterday.


And for the future-tradition of going to Ba Bai Ban near or during weekends, I had to remind myself why I should’t go near the CDs peddled in the area:

Too many Jeff Buckley records

Not that I’m a collector or anything -I have Grace, Live a L’Olympia, and Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk– but all this just cost me over a Ninoy peso note. Really.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Jeff Buckley Records”

  1. maya: Oo nga. Nice 😉

    J: Yesh, Kaskade, yo! We must have a name for our group blog. Now!

    keysi: Because you you only want p0r/n freebies.

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