One Badly Needed Update

First off, updates are scarce because: I haven’t been shooting (photos) as much, and there’s nothing blog-worthy going on. Going further with that thought, here are more reasons:

  • YouTube. Sonny remarked that “I’m-also-into-that” (you’ll comprehend the comment if you’re one of those not easily susceptible to seemigly juvenile trends), but then, I’m not really up for the latest greatest funniest video meme seeping through everyone’s inboxes out there. After running out of 90s music videos I can gleefully watch, I’m geeking out on Colbert, Jon Stewart, Letterman, a little of Zooey Deschanel, and the irritatingly funniest right-propagandists/idiocy-brainwashers out there, O’Reilly and Coulter. And if you do go through these links, cap it off with ‘Letter to Ann Coulter‘ from punk-hero Henry Rollins:

    And with ‘A Night With Ann Coulter‘:

  • Music-acqusitions. Torrents are righteous, but online community members who upload several albums-worth of music to Rapidshare and Megaupload top it all off. Anything from the likes of Hed Kandi (Ok. Yeah. But! Yes.) to Vilma Santos (for the Nanay’s out there) are readily available. TO SAMPLE ONLY, of course, because STEALING MUSIC IS BAD 🙂 However, due to this, I’m in dire need of another portable hard drive. Oh, BUT PLEASE, if anyone has songs from the Brainbloodvolume album by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, please contact me. This need is semi-kitschy-rock-radio-fed, but I do want to listen to “All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together” and “Stuck” again.
  • New job tasks. I think I’m promoted, in job title, that is.
  • Planning things, and not following-through: that is the major pain when in a group, though having not one, but two Mandarin speaking entities in the group makes up for that.

Speaking of plans, here’s whats next: a Shanghai Flickr Group Meetup, and, uhm, the odd-but-very-promising photo-op that is the Adult Toy Exhibit this weekend. Trips to other places in Shanghai, or outside of Shanghai? Yes, that should materialize. Soon.

One thought on “One Badly Needed Update”

  1. make sure you’ll take lots of pix at the Adult Toy Exhibit! bweheheh
    heard that there’s gonna be a jollibee there. langhap-sarap!

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