At the 3rd ACDEXPO: The Videos

So my puny, neglected, Canon A85 has purpose now: to use for YouTube videos. And any photo-op can also be a great video-op, when stills wouldn’t do justice.

The toy videos were taken by me, and the S&M fashion show videos were taken by S&Mer Che, who was so into one of the skinny girls, and I don’t get it.

Here goes:

Lez action.

There they go!

It did go that fast.

And the S&M Fashion show:

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2 thoughts on “At the 3rd ACDEXPO: The Videos

  1. Oh man, I thought I’d seen everything, but I’ve NEVER seen machines like those in the second and third videos! (giggle)

  2. rain says:

    For the second video, the booth attendant showed off by making the thing go as fast as it could 🙂

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