Lowdown on the Downtime

First off, thanks Ploghost, my webhost, for attending to my site being down yesterday.

Secondly, here’s the reason I did go down bad yesterday: I got BoingBoing’d, for my Sex Toys Expo posts. Here’s an apt disclaimer: I suggested my own story. I actually submitted it on Digg first, but as of last count, I only got 3 diggs.

I did have a plan to generate traffic to the posts: I acknowledge the potential of the topic, and considering that the content documented by me, I wouldn’t expect much flak for it. My only regret so far would be:

  • not preparing enough for the possible outcome, noting that I don’t have a computer, nor internet access at the apartment; I went over my 2 gigs of bandwidth allotment
  • not including the PinoyTopBlogs code

The stats so far:

2377 views for this Flickr image, the same one posted on BoingBoing.

3824 overall views for this YouTube video, and:

#7 – Most Linked (This Week) – Travel & Places
#31 – Most Linked (This Month) – Travel & Places
#8 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Travel & Places

As for site stats, Aug 15 marked that I generated 773.31 MB of bandwidth.

The stats for the other Flickr photos and YouTube videos are close to the ones noted above.

Another issue I had would be permalinks related, hence I had to rewrite the .htaccess again.

Oh, and how were the ad impressions? One word: pathetic, except for the dude who downloaded Firefox with Google Toolbar.

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