Leah Dizon in Traffic in the Sky

Traffic in the Sky appears to be a sincere Asian indie-film (trailer here), with oozing Pinoy blood in the cast and crew. It also happens to star part-Pinay Leah Dizon; her official site’s here, though I would highly advise a Google Image Search, with Safe Search OFF, or video scouring ‘leah dizon‘ over at YouTube. You can thank me later for the tip.

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2 thoughts on “Leah Dizon in Traffic in the Sky

  1. octavius says:

    dude,she rocks!no other fantasy,leah dizon is one hot certified babe!shame that i’ll probably never get to meet her personally though..^__^ lolz..

  2. rain says:

    How about Misa Campo? 🙂

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