Listening, and Re-listening

I do easily run out of band/artist names to filter through these days. Had a good dose of Joy Division and New Order a few days back, and it was sensible to rediscover a current band that estimates a similar vibe: Interpol. So, I acquired a copy of their debut album, Turn On The Bright Lights.

I cannot stop listening to it, all the way through.

Sample 36.44 minutes of it below:

Shame that I did discover them via MTV, just about the same time everyone else did. I always did skip some tracks from their album Antics, and preferred the more popular ones, like Evil, or Slow Hands.

Kings of Leon is one odd, but curiously interesting band. Not new, but then, I just had the chance to listen to their album:

And this is really going way back, but …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead‘s Another Morning Stoner does not fail to be a day-perk:

I’m not so sure if this is indicative of the status of my music preference -new stuff, I listen; old stuff (’90s and older) I know, I’d listen more- but I guess my music’s golden age has past and would just merit a re-listening to now.

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