Last Week’s Playlist

Rollins Band

The End of Silence beats Weight, but not by a big margin. I do have a Black Flag video disc back in the Philippines -where Rollins just looked so goddamn eww-sweat-punky- but in retrospect, I do prefer the Rollins Band instrument mastery, though sometimes they do sound like the guys backing up those now-where-are-they solo guitar gods of the 80s-early 90s. Hard and relentless, and no metal-growls.

Rollins Band performing Tearing, from The End of Silence.

Pat Metheny

Before indulging in rock music, I got myself into the more popular versions of jazz, Manila stations offered, and Pat Metheny was a common name. My preferences for jazz eventually matured though, with a preference for more improv-based jazz. It was a delight though that Metheny’s first record was a stripped down three-piece, with Jaco Pastorius on bass, and less of the over-produced later works. Loveliest listen of the week.

Pat Metheny performing Bright Size Life, the magnificent opening track. Richard Bona replaces Pastorius on bass.

Mahavishnu Orchestra

I wanted more rock-tinged-improv-jazz guitar music. A poet-artist friend introduced to me to the Mahavishnu Orchestra in college, whose music I dig, but with a lacking fervor. Re-listening to the stuff now strips off a bit of the hippie-branding it got, and would be easily filed in the more lively instrumentals on the iPod.

John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra performing Noonward Race.

Ben Folds/The Bens

Guilty pleasure? Nah. Ben Folds solo is great, refreshing, though his Ben Folds Five songs seem a wee stronger. And to add to that, there’s The Bens, composed of Ben Lee, Ben Folds and Ben Kweller. Light, affecting pop via their self-titled 2003 EP.

The Bens performing Just Pretend.

5 thoughts on “Last Week’s Playlist”

  1. this i like…

    now i’m big and important
    one angry dwarf
    and 200 solemn faces
    are you
    if you want to see me
    check your papers and your tv
    look who’s tellin’ who what to do
    kiss my ass good-bye

  2. maya: haha, late reply. check out ben kweller, ok din sya.

    timbo: my current music-scape is all ober ebrithing. emilie simon, the just-mentioned ben kweller, the immortal (for me, anyway) ethnic faces… but one thing i know – i will go to a Narda gig when I get home (on Nov. 6).

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