A Late Monday Afternoon at Zhongshan Park

No work was scheduled for Monday this week, and I was successful enough to convince some people to actually go out and discover parts of Shanghai, sans concrete plans.

Zhongshan Park is located at the end of Metro Line 2, which makes it easy for any Pudong inhabitant to go to (no more transferring lines). I have very limited knowledge of the place, thus, I didn’t expect much. A few notable shots would suffice me.

Once we saw what looked like abandoned amusement park rides behind locked gates, I knew I had to find a way to get there. It was already late afternoon, and the sun was out of sight, hence the need for the rushing. The ride shown above is called “Twist Rotary Chairs”.

Singing Woman

A woman was singing Chinese chants in loud, high pitches. Being the natural-born usyoseros (eavesdroppers), my friends and I went looking for the source, and we found her on top of a liberally green-covered hill at the edge of the park. I’m not sure if she sensed our presence, but when we did try to look at her face from afar, we couldn’t.

Little Spiky-haired Girl

Kids were running around the more open spaces of the park. Despite the language barrier, I got some ok-enough captures.

me flying borrowed kite

Oh. And here’s a chubby kid flying a borrowed kite. He vows to buy one and show off his kite-flying prowess very soon. Come on, if there’s any other place to fly a kite, it has to be China.

Ok, he doesn’t have any considerable skills to speak of, though he did make dozens of kites from newspaper, cheap paste, and tingting (midrib of coconut leaves), for his cousins to fly, less than two decades ago.

The true makings of a geek, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “A Late Monday Afternoon at Zhongshan Park”

  1. hahaha si rain nagpapalipad ng saranggola!
    did you fly a kite or was the string tied to a tree? kidding, rain!
    hey, seems like the kid has quite a big head for her body.. or it’s just my imagination?
    mumu yung green lady.. hehehe

  2. maya: Matayog na sobra kaya yung lipad ng saranggola na :p Di naman kasi ako nga nagpalipad, pinahawak lang sa akin.

    markku: Pero kelangan may story. Wehehe.

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