At Tonglu County, Zhejiang, China

Here’s one really late post.

I found myself outside of Shanghai last weekend, at out company’s annual outing. After around four hours of travel, the organizers had us feast on lunch (we -as picky, picky Pinoys- barely touched the meals), and were hurriedly escorted to a boat to go around the Fuchun River.

Fuchun River, Tonglu County

We were off to the Jiu Xiao Bi Yun Dong caves after. It was a marvelous sight, except the tourist-y colored lights, and the enterprising cheesy photo-op stations. The pace they wanted us to keep was already irritating, that our collective camera shots were always done swiftly. Screw everyone if I did bring my tripod and decided to shoot at f22.

At the Jiu Xiao Bi Yun Dong Caves

A local hotel was the next stop, and dinner at 6. Since we work nights, this was a necessary stop. After wolfing down our cook-your-own, bring-your-own adobo (since, again, we didn’t expect much from the cuisine), and a half-hour of charades, there was no talk, nor even the possibility of a nightcap.

The bus on the second day left the hotel at 8, and got us to Da Qi Mountain. There was a farily easy trail for hiking up a mountain, though there wasn’t any of that breathtaking-scenery vibe going on.

Trekking Da Qi Mountain

But, still, I trekked up a mountain in China.

And how do you go down?

Da Qi Mountain, The Fast Trip Down

This was a gravity-powered solo (or duo) roller coaster, where you are highly advised not to take photographs. So, there, after clicking the shutter button, the coaster behind me pushed my vessel probably a good 50 meters, and had an easy crash to the other coaster in front of me, where good friend Che was sitting on with a puppy tucked in front of her.

So yes, the outing went better than expected, mainly because I don’t expect much from anything nowadays, really.

More photos here. Or view the slideshow instead, you lazy person you.

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