S-s-s-somethings That Should Be On My Asides List

S-s-s-somethings (lifted from zefrank, of course) I’m too lazy to do separate Asides posts for:

Google Buys YouTube. Initial reaction? I have to think on an online business model, make it profitable, and sell the entire freaking thing. That’s how Ubuntu’s Shuttleworth did it, too, right?

Wikipedia Now Accessible in Shanghai. As of today, that is. Too bad I won’t be enjoying it for long…? Press release of where-I-should-be in less than a month’s time to be out soon.

Feedvertising Here RSS Buttons on Text Link Ads. Now servicing publishers who wants to earn a buck or two from advertisers targetting the RSS fans. See the orange button on the lower right corner on the front page.

An Excellent Post-Rock Community on LJ. Discover this thing called post-rock, and sample full albums from the genre’s ardent fans. Also, check TheSilentBallet, for a good dose of modern instrumental releases.

And here’s me pimping vanity gear for the Canon 350D:

The Last Shanghai DSLR Pimping

And you know what’s really painful? It’s knowing that the Shanghai price of the Canon 400D is the same as what I bought my 350D for, which I bought first quarter of this year.


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