Two More Working Days Left

Last minute plans of “doing stuff” with my last days in Shanghai are not pushing through very well, except the part where I got some cheap B&W film, which I heard is out-of-stock from my contacts back in the Philippines, and wouldn’t seem likely to be replenished soon.


The Shanghai weather has started growing cold, but its still t-shirt weather for me. Perfect weather to take out the camera, too, since the sun has been generous for the past few days. Damn me for being too moody these days, though. Art exhibits are opening simultaneously all over the city now, I’ve even made the effort to secure free tickets, but I am just not in the right condition. Blame it on the fear of what-I-do-not-know-yet, when I step on home-concrete and inhale low-lying Manila smog.


Click here to view what the company I work for came up with for our farewell party. Three employees (myself included) are currently packing their bags, Manila-bound, and it also had to coincide with our Operations Director’s resignation, and visit to China.


Photo of installation piece at Moganshan Lu. Someone took better pictures of the place with a killer model.

At Moganshan Lu

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