Last Day Online in Shanghai

Oh crap.


Weekend plans are set, and even if the two major activities get rescheduled, they somehow seem to fit nicely together, time-wise. I do have a lack of gifts for nephews and nieces, and I’m too short of ideas now. Last visit at Carrefour (big French-owned [or so I think) grocery chain) earlier was partly confusing, as I’m not very fond, or used to, bringing pasalubong for other people.

If I had an appreciative and creative set of acquaintances back home, I’d take photos of things I’d wanted to give them, but being cash-strapped, I’d just print the image, make a postcard out of it, and tell them its a travel-based concept-art project I’m working on.


The flight home involves a stop-over at Hong Kong, well-known shopping mecca, and where everyone I asked about buying cameras said it would be much cheaper to get photography gear there. The lowdown: I’ve no money to spare what would constitute as shopping.


See, Shanghai is my first time abroad, hence, my first time on a plane, too. Insert memory clip: my grade-school ambition? To be an Aerospace Engineer. Too bad I now have the occasional fear of heights.


88, China

I came, I saw, and I would’ve shat in my pants if I took breakfast that morning. The Beijing story will be told soon.


Farewell, Shanghai, and all the people who were able put up with me.


7 thoughts on “Last Day Online in Shanghai

  1. Anne says:

    Are you traveling around China?

  2. rain says:

    Hi Anne. Nope, will be going back home to the Philippines 🙂 Why’d you ask?

  3. kat says:

    Gah. Inggit. Travel… 🙂

  4. Raemin says:

    Farewell Rain

    Will miss you and the good time spent with you a lot! Keep in touch! (:

  5. maya says:

    awwwww… at least you were able to experience the shanghai experience.
    looking forward for your stories!

  6. J says:

    whoa… same number man. just send me an sms

  7. rain says:

    Kat: Makakapasyal ka rin!

    Raemin: Yes I will! Keep in touch, that is.

    Maya: Too many stories!

    J: Got new number. Will send you so we can do the shiznit with your hoes. Hehe.

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