On Settling Back Home

The situation at home is less than ideal: PC is having memory issues again (or is it the motherboard? Can’t tell yet.); I’m in the second day of fixing it. Phone has been converted from a plan subscription, to pre-paid: not that that we’re cheap, it’s practical, since we don’t call anyone within our area anyway -> all this means that I can’t get back to good ol’ dial-up again. I’m currently applying for a wi-fi internet setup.


The balikbayan first’s:

First local bite? A double cheeseburger from Jollibee. The Champ burger will take 15 minutes to cook, and I didn’t have the luxury of time.

First home-cooked meal, cooked and eaten? Chicken Tinola.

First junk food eaten? Corn bits. Then Tortillos, barbecue flavor.

First TV-related excitment experienced? Finding out we still had cable, and some new channels. The Hero channel looked promising, but no, really, its nothing. Letterman on Jack TV! Yes, Jack TV is still teh fave.

First local publication bought? Err, FHM, with Karel on the cover.


There’s a lot of things to be done this week, dammit. Updates soon.

9 thoughts on “On Settling Back Home”

  1. ate,

    di ako magkanda-ugaga sa… madaming bagay, pero medyo magkakadireksyon na rin siguro pag nagkainternet na ulit sa bahay. will consider canada, syempre. ingat ingat na lang dyan.


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