On Settling Back Home, Again/An Ubuntu Story!

Dang, I forgot my DYI flashdrive (mini card reader [CF only] + 32MB CF card that came free with a digicam). I’ve a pre-written blog post and photos there.


Anyway, its my third day at Walter Mart Plaridel (Bulacan) though I was planning to trek to Manila to see if there are film festivals to bother my time with. Priorities have to go first, though. Just applied for Smart Bro Wireless Broadband Internet downstairs from this Netopia branch, and would most probably get that installed mid-week next week.


PC is now…. fixed. I have serial number issues with XP, even if I have a legit one. I’ve been running Ubuntu Linux 6.6 LTS anyway on a live cd, so I went ahead and installed it. Loving the new single-boot setup, but I do have issues:

1) System will not recognize my slave internal 80GB NTFS drive. Error says its because its not removable media (?!), and that pmount cannot execute it. All my other external drives (NTFS, FAT32 partitions) are all ok

2) No MP3 codec! Ok, ok, I know the story behind this.

3) AVI videos play fine, but VCD’s and DVD’s don’t. Argh them codecs.

I just hope the LAN card (suggestions) I’ll be getting would work with my wireless broadband + Ubuntu setup.


There’s a lot more to say, a lot more to blog about, but that’s it for now.

2 thoughts on “On Settling Back Home, Again/An Ubuntu Story!”

  1. install automatix or easyubuntu. you’ll spare yourself sometime scouring howto’s for stuff you need on the box, specially playing media files; though I’d probably wait for the broadband to be setup before installing them.

    with the NTFS thing … try tweaking for “fstab”, i’m sure it’ll work from there, or go ask the forums.

    BTW, I have an Edgy CD, txt me if you want one.

  2. The Smart Bro people visited me twice the past two days, and their competence on Windows is already wanting, Linux pa kaya. So yun, in-XP ko ulit. Grub handles the dual boot setup naman with Ubuntu di ba?

    6.06 muna ako, will play with that first.

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