More “Settling In” News: The Stress Never Ends

Guess where I found my bittersweet memories of my high school and college days? Even copies of my birth certificate, and my perfect-grade college thesis?

In an effing rotten-and-wet concrete bodega infested with all sorts of vermin. Imagine the pain I was in, and how thankful -in a way- I was, that I came back home after only a year.



Wireless Broadband Internet is still not installed, this time, due again to the relocation of a lot of things in the house: I could not find my LAN card driver. Just bought a new one, dammit.

There is the actual hope that I will actually be online on supposedly-faster-than-dial-up speeds tomorrow: someone will suffer if that doesn’t happen (uhm, *points to self*).


So, no sleep Saturday night, and I went ahead and attended my first day at a basic photography workshop in Intramuros. Was the class a good bunch? I didn’t expect much, but having the impression that I taught my seatmate/co-workshoppers a bit on on how to operate their cameras, I’m into thinking there are more feed-the-ego Sundays from hereon. Reminds me a bit of how it was in my poetry class in college, where our professor couldn’t squeeze much of the mostly non-literature majors (myself included) to list their top 5 poets.

Was Intramuros photo-op paradise? If I/we had a model, I suppose so. We did only cover the Fort Santiago part, and at the latter part of the day during our shoot, rain fell.

Did I take good pictures? I probably have 3-5 good ones, but none earth-shattering. Long-awaited Flickr updates to be posted soon.


PLEA: Who has a Flickr account based on Manila with a PayPal account? Can you please please please please please do me a big favor? I’ll give you cash for my PRO account renewal fee, so you yourself can just renew my account yourself through the Flickr system 🙂 Please! Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “More “Settling In” News: The Stress Never Ends

  1. kim says:

    dood, welcome back sa pinas ka na pala… that’s good to hear.

    anyways, i’ll be sending the camera bag when my parents return sa pinas this december…


  2. rain says:

    thanks in advance, dude!

  3. keysi says:

    Paypal’s available in Pinas na man, yun nga lang, sending lang. 😀

  4. rain says:

    Leche, ayaw gumana ng Sykes-given AMEX card ko sa PayPal registration. Waaaah.

  5. keysi says:

    huwaw. AMEX~ hehehe. kahit naman walang cc papasok pa din yung registration eh. dagdagan mo na alng after you get registered. 😛

  6. rain says:

    Someone was nice enough to do the deed for me. Have to pay her, though 😐

  7. keysi says:

    yeah, buti ka pa. san kaya ako makakakita nung magbibigay~ 😀

  8. rain says:

    E mukhang di ka na naman naguupdate ng Flickr mo na e. Nawalan ka na ng gana sa paglilitrato? :p

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