Ubuntu Days Are Here At Last

Pardon the techie posts for those who cannot relate, but most of my readers -the 2 or 3 of you!- usually comment on this stuff.

So, after the reboot necessary in installing the obligatory firewall and anti-virus on XP, my wireless broadband connection dial pings HOST UNREACHABLE. I don’t have phone credits -mobile or landline- to call the Smart Bro hotline, so I went with whats logical: try to go online on Ubuntu.

And I was able to. After a few hours of partitioning trouble on a planned dual-boot, Ubuntu 6.06 is installed successfully, and would probably be my main OS now.


But you ask, how about Vista? I don’t have the funds to do a PC upgrade -I think my ASUS motherboard memory slots have gone way wonky already- and I only have 256MB of WORKING RAM. Ubuntu should tide my OS envy for now.


And how am I enjoying the ‘broadband speeds‘? I initially went for the online speed tests when the installer dudes found a signal in my area -amidst the number of towering trees- and found its just around 2-4x faster than dial-up. Now, I don’t think I’ll do some more benchmarking, since I really don’t have much of a choice in going online from the comfort of my home.



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6 thoughts on “Ubuntu Days Are Here At Last

  1. keysi says:

    “I donÒ€ℒt have phone credits -mobile or landline- to call the Smart Bro hotline, so I went with whats logical: try to go online on Ubuntu.”

    – smart bro dude? daming neggy feedback jan. Pero it may be better than PLDT DSL. πŸ˜† i dunno. i don’t have BB at home. πŸ˜›

  2. rain says:

    Dude, the landline nga is going to be converted to prepaid, kasi di practical na mag plan kami sa landline, at di naman kami -ng kuya ko- tumatawag masyado. A pre-paid plan is actually ideal.

    As for Smart Bro, sino pa ba nagcacater sa consumer ng ganito? Ok na rin, kasi nga, kahit 2 days pa lang, sulit na so far.

  3. keysi says:

    well, for Smart Bro, as long as there are few subscribers in your area, the service should be good, pero pag madami na, gadz. good luck. πŸ˜†

    Meron naman globe dsl di ba? pero still, i dunno if they provide better service than others. have you considered cable? maganda feedback ng friends ko na naka-cable eh.

    available kaya jan sa inyo?

  4. rain says:

    Dude, I’ve only lived in two different locations, and here’s almost always the setup: us, then squatters all around, save for 2-3 token proper houses. Ngayon ka lang, merong low-cost subdivision housing na rin na nagbo-block ng plenty of fresh bukid air.

    Smart Bro -despite average expectations- is ok na.

  5. keysi says:

    that’s good to hear man. sana tumagal yang ganyan. πŸ˜€

  6. rain says:

    Yeah, sana nga. Para akong nasa sibilisasyon na rin talaga.

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