No-Tech Post/This Day in Punk

First off, mucho thanks to lyn for helping me renew my Flickr Pro Account.


And today’s non-tech post is partly because of a failed torrent download of Ubuntu’s Edgy Eft (v. 6.10) ISO, and in large part inspired by a Boing Boing post:

The Mabuhay Gardens (aka The Fab Mab) was a San Francisco nightclub located at 443 Broadway, on the Broadway strip of North Beach, an area best known for its strip clubs.

Originally a Filipino restaurant and club owned by Ness Aquino, it featured many Filipino celebrities, including Miss Amapola Cabase…

In 1976, Aquino agreed to have rock promoter and television producer Dirk Dirksen book punk and new wave bands there; it soon became one of the main venues for punk rock in San Francisco in the late 1970s and early 1980s (a sort of west coast CBGBs). Virtually every early Bay Area punk and new wave band performed there at one time or another, and it was an important touring stop for bands from beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. Among the bands that performed there were the Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Romeo Void, Black Flag, The Dictators, The Nuns, The Mutants, The Avengers, The Damned, DEVO, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Hüsker Dü, D.O.A., The Screamers, Minutemen, DRI, Redd Kross, JFA, and Metallica. Comedian Whoopie Goldberg also made early appearances at the venue…

The Mabuhay Gardens shut down in 1986. As of 2006, the building now houses the The Velvet Lounge, a “yuppie” nightclub…

Read more here.

And this is why I should also start geeking out on local rock gigs ASAP.

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