My Ubuntu Adventures: The Dapper to Edgy Upgrade

Non-techie? Skip this. NOW.

My attempts at upgrading to Ubunty Edgy (v. 6.10):

1) Downloading the Edgy ISO via torrent. Using Bittornado, the Taiwan and Australia torrents crapped out on me.

2) Downloading the Edgy ISO via the Opera download manager. I didn’t want to involve myself in downloading a separate download manager, and I do find Opera’s download manager more trustworthy than Firefox’s, Windows-experience-wise. Result? A completely downloaded, and burned-to-CD image, but it craps out on the second window on installation. No, it didn’t even get to the Live CD setup.

3) Downloading via the official method: $ gksu “update-manager -c”. Since I’ve already pimped my install, it gave me errors, and asked for the Edgy CD, among other things. A few hours later, I found myself GRUB-less, and was in the predicament where I needed to do a fresh install of Dapper, since…

4) I figured: if I can’t get an Edgy copy on CD -oh, this was just neat, too: when doing upgrades, get the alternate version of the upgrade image. Gah!- best upgrade setup should be = a fresh install of Ubuntu (Dapper), and a straight upgrade to Edgy. During the complete download and install, I got two errors: one relates to the gnome-netstatus-applet, and another one yaks about dependency errors.

I am running on Edgy now, but before I settle for my fave window manager, XFCE (Xubuntu!), I need to fix a few things here on Gnome-world…. I typed too soon. Synaptic and Upgrade Manager don’t crash anymore, thanks to: dpkg –configure -a.

Makes you think why people really bother spending days -as I have- documenting, and actually suspending actual life for a computer operating system.

I am such a fanboy.

UPDATE: I haven’t really talked about this much, but yes, with my 256MB DDR RAM, my box has been crashing, even with XFCE. Currently using Fluxbox, and I’m actually enjoying the hardcore minimalism.

3 thoughts on “My Ubuntu Adventures: The Dapper to Edgy Upgrade”

  1. Ubuntu torrent downloads are crappy. I went with the alternate CD route to edgy. I have everything working now except for my notebook’s integrated card reader. So far, so good. Edgy is, by far, my best linux experience.

  2. There are a couple of download managers you can use, specially for large files such as these. There’s “downloader for X”, one of the earliest managers for Linux, used it incessantly with the then ‘ol mighty Red Hat.

    If you’re not so eager using firefox’s default manager, use “downthemall”, an extension I’ve been using for downloading multiple tiny files.

    But for ISO’s, I’ve turned away from the known GUI’s. I’m currently using “axel”, a terminal-based download manager, its easy to use, eats a small chunk of memory, and even got a resume function and more.

    Or there’s “wget” also terminal-based, which is installed in all versions of (x)(k)(ed)ubuntu by default.

    Or you could’ve asked me for the edgy disc.

  3. Kates: I need more RAM, dammit. I’m already running XFCE!

    sanners: Ive been using “downloadthemall” -someone I know actually read that as “download-the-mall”, instead of “download-them-all”- for a long time, especially for those Multiply music searches.

    I’ll still take up your offer on the Edgy disc, just in case.

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