On FPPF’s Photography Workshop, Part 2

Since the second week’s main topic was on composition, and our photo assignment this time was to apply the lessons for the that week’s photo submission, I took on the extra effort to see what I can salvage from the now-familiar Fort Santiago terrain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with anything.

We were allowed to submit photos taken outside of the venue, though. Hence:

Hantik sa Sampayan

This was taken at our yard. Sa sampayan namin.

I did get plenty of good, amused feedback for this photo, but since the third week’s submission was by group output, and since we had way too many speakers that Sunday, I wasn’t able to get any needed sentiments from our instructors.

Highlight of the day was the mandatory ‘inspiration speech’ by top advertising photographer John Chua of Adphoto, who happens to be the boss of two of my co-participants.


Last Sunday of the workshop, and we are obliged to submit a portrait of someone. I initially expected that I will have a difficult time looking for a model, that, yes, I was thinking of just taking a self-portrait. Considering the factors of this submission, such as this ouput being also an entry to a competition, I was keen on taking shots of kids. I had some time to do that, but nothing of worth really came out.

So, I did send a self-portrait, which failed to catch anyone’s attention, except for the fact that it was one of two self-portraits.

But on to the more relevant aspects of the day:

Last Day at Photography Workshop

Lessons focused on lighting, which was the topic I was looking forward to since the start of the workshop. What stood out for me was my apparent lack of equipment to practice this myself, such as good backgrounds, reflectors, and most importantly -for indoor lighting- an external flash.

Cinematographer Romy Vitug gave a short talk, and was one of the judges. Ma’am Angeles had us do slideshows, and they screened the presentation I made for our group, which had The Go! Team songs for its score. Pretty brief and sparse compared to the other slideshows, but hey, I like it that way.

I didn’t keep tab on the time, but it was well into the evening when the winners were announced, workshop completion certificates were handed out, and group photo-ops were taken. Most of the people I’ve had the chance to talk to did mention that we should take the advanced photography workshop next year, around March. Will I conform? I’m not sure.

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