2006 Year End Notes, Part 1

Most personal online activity has been halted since the effects of the Taiwan earthquake. Before that, home PC motherboard got busted. And even before that, my Smart Bro connection went kaput.

It’s good to be back online from the house, though my connection speed now leaves a lot to be desired.


One week past moving to the new office at Libis, I can conclude that the Eastwood City premises isn’t as undesirable as I assumed it would be; maybe except for the transportation/commuting. There’s not as much debunking of the familiar, as what I’ve experienced in the Ortigas office, where Emerald Avenue (I don’t care about whatever its new name is) perviously had this image of concrete semi-isolation, compared to today’s all-sidewalks-occupied by call center entities (DISCLAIMER: ME = currently a call center employee, not a call center agent). I have no vivid memories of Libis, so this is a virginal take-it-all-in experience.

Eastwood city is a mini-city. Jollibee, National Book Store, drugstores, major convenience stores, and cheap meal stalls are steps away from where I work. Bars are date-places are a-plenty (hell should I care anyway), and that spa rooftop ad is very visible from my floor, I’d most probably get a massage anytime next week. There’s an Ajisen Ramen visible from the jeep, too, a resto all too familiar for Shanghai-based urbanites.


So there’s the travel to work: I get off the from-the-North provincial bus around Cubao, and trek a good five minutes to the Cubao via Libis Rosario jeepney terminal along Aurora Boulavard. I do this an hour before noon, so the idea of doing this in summer is plain ugly. The jeepney ride itself is incomparable to the Makati jeeps, as you get to see both ends of the varied Quezon City-based social stratas.

Travel from work: Ah, I leave work at 10, so there’s always the question of safety. Half an hour later, I find myself amongst the night street vendors, the whores (550 daw kasama kwarto, but I didn’t ask, ok! They just told me as I pass by. Honest), and several unnamable creatures of Aurora Boulevard. Ah, the same street a cellphone and a walkman set was stolen from me years before.

Surprisingly, I found out that the jeepney terminal is quite near the famed Cubao X. I did a quick stop there the other day at the Datelines bookstore, inquired about Noel Vera‘s book Critic After Dark, which I should promptly get next week, and would be my first pritso material purchase from my first paycheck.


Notes on Christmas Eve, and other holiday happenings (or something that might approximate that), once my Flickr photostream is updated.

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