I Just Sold My First Photo

Yes, I just sold my first photo.

Which one?

This one:

Hantik sa Sampayan

Where can you find it?

Its still up for viewing at the photo exhibit I wrote about here, but only up until the 15th of this month.

For how much?

I didn’t quote a price, since the group I joined were all in it not exactly to sell. So, yeah, the price was roughly more than twice what I -each exhibitor, too- paid for the frame.

Who bought the photo?

I don’t know.

You should feel great!

I do. In a way. I guess. I was the buena mano dude-exhibitor who sold the first work in the exhibit.


The second batch of photos to be exhibited at the IKA-2 BANAT flickristas@the_jewellery: A Photo Exhibit will be up on the 16th of January. If you’ve been there, visit again. Please 😀

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8 thoughts on “I Just Sold My First Photo

  1. keysi says:

    wow! congrats man!

  2. lalapot malapot says:

    naks naman!
    tnk tnk

  3. rain says:

    Salamat, miss malapot! :p

  4. estan says:

    uy, congrats pre! the photo is really something. like it too.

  5. ronna says:

    congrats rain! ate.

  6. karla says:

    to me.. the “hantik” seems to be looking at you and smiling.. 😀 hehe

  7. rain says:

    Maraming salamat, Estan!

    Salamat din, ate!

    Karla: Sabi nga sa workshop ko -kung san unang nakita tong litrato- magaling daw ang nakuha kong model, hehe.

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