Almost The Weekend Post Summary

I was again at the second installation for the Ikalawang Banat Flickristas Photo Exhibit last Saturday, where I also got my photography-related profit (ever) from dakilang organizer Jolengs.

Flickristas, Again

Of course, mucho thanks to my first ever patron!

Anyone interested in visiting the exhibit can still do so, as it will run until the end of January.


The urge of scouring eBay for junk cameras has again become part of my online habbit for the past few days, thanks to this person:

Lala and my Fed 2 RF

Lala is a college friend who works in advertising, and upon reading this humble site of mine, has gone gaga over what I’ve previously gone gaga about, until I was unemployed for 7 months. She bought a Zorki RF, which I don’t have, and I get first dibs on it when she drops off her temporary delusion, that is, when and if she does.


Since I haven’t been able to take any photos of note, I’ve scoured my archives, and posted a few:

Monster Boy With Two Girl Heads (read the comments on how I came up with the title)

Last Bites of Shanghai Street Food

Last Bites of Shanghai Street Food - Jianbing

Ro Pao
Sheng Jian Bao


Surprisingly, work has been going well for the past few weeks, with one major sacrifice for my newfound employment: sleep. And this persistence to cook and bring food to work does help save up for the ‘ photography equipment fund‘, but pork adobo does take at least an hour to prepare and cook, dammit.

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