Piracy NOW is teh suck/CSS, not the stylesheet

I found myself Saturday night at the Shaw MRT station, waiting for an officemate so that we can go to a company party together. Having been previously working around that area before, this was a usual haunt for one simple reason: DVD’s.

Thing is, I’m not the person you’d prefer to bring to DVD hunts (legal, or otherwise), unless, you want me to go on and on and on about the merits and demerits of this and that film, why you shouldn’t waste money on the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and the thought that you’ve probably spent 3 hours with me, and you find out that my DVD goodie bin consists of 2 obscure discs, or worse: I get home empty-handed.

Which was exactly the case last Saturday, when I was immensely annoyed by these pirates who thought it’d be an excellent idea to squeeze 8 movies in one disc, and to make buyers aware that these are not your so passe one-movie-per-disc format, the DVD cases had to be oversized. No, please, I don’t want to mix the promising Babel with the staple FPJ films (such as) shown in provincial buses (which I step on and off every day of my working and Manila-bound life).

But, again, I know I am the minority, being the pa-smart-ass semi-cineaste that I am. Oh, the unabashed display of all the p0rn and hentai, compared to its public exposure last year when I last visited, is… interesting, to say the least.


Record-of-the-week last week was Sao Paulo (Brazil) party rockers Cansei de Ser Sexy‘s self-titled album. Also known as CSS, this like young Cibo Matto, with the occasional Portuguese lyrics. Their videos:

I’m still not decided of the singer is actually cute or not.

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