At LivELY: The Ely Buendia Benefit Concert, Part 1

I was early that Sunday afternoon, and I was already dreading that the heavy downpour past the North Expressway already took its rage on the Eastwood City grounds. Thankfully, no, the dry, concrete, and overdeveloped corner of Quezon City didn’t get a drop of rainfall.

The closest thing I got thats close to that comprised of bands collectively showering us DSLR-totters near the stage with their sweat. Uhrm.

Some photos from the concert:

PREVIEW: Marcus Adoro at the LivELY Benefit Conecert

Up Dharma Down at the LivELY Benefit Concert

Chicosci at the LivELY Benefit Concert

More band photos to be posted soon.

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2 thoughts on “At LivELY: The Ely Buendia Benefit Concert, Part 1

  1. kat says:

    Were you that close or did you use any zoom on that? I like the last one.

  2. rain says:

    I was in front of the stage, and thank goodness the stage wasn’t high, too. The lens I was using can only go 70mm, which is something like 2x zoom with point-and-shoot cameras.

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