At LivELY: The Ely Buendia Benefit Concert, Part 2

I’ve had conversations with photography enthusiasts, and some noted their hesitation in taking photos of people, moreso, strangers. At this stage of my shooting photos, I am so eager to take pictures of people. Sure, wide-angle shots of landscapes, and macro-shots of everyday objects are interesting photography specialties, but candid portraiture interests me the most these days. Such as:

Kid at the LivELY Benefit Concert

Andi-9 at the LivELY Benefit Concert

The Photographers Pit at the LivELY Benefit Concert


And let’s go back on-topic: the last time I heard girls collectively screaming (with clothes on! Kidding.) was when I was at Fete de la Musique, and they were going gaga over this guy named after a hamburger. Last Sunday, there were probably half a dozen instances when that happened.

I planned on NOT taking shots of some bands that night, based on my utter disinterest with the music they churn out. But then, that shouldn’t stop me from taking ok-enough photos of them:

Sponge Cola at the LivELY Benefit Concert

So I skipped 2-3 bands, and if you’ve seen the lineup, you’d probably be surprised that I decided to leave out the crowd pleasers.

View all the photos from the concert here.

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2 thoughts on “At LivELY: The Ely Buendia Benefit Concert, Part 2

  1. ronna says:

    dpat post mo na yung picture ni buso(raisa) ni diko, wala pa ko kitang picture nya! ingatz.

  2. rain says:

    Wala pa ate e, di pa ako nadadaan kina Diko ulit. Tsaka dito na nga ako nakatira sa opisina! Pag may pagkakataon, syempre upload ko yun.

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