The Great Blog Plan 2007

There has been not significant layout changes for the past few years on this blog. I’ve been spoiled by Squible, and everytime I do test out other themes, I always go back to it, mainly for how it handles Asides posts.

And there’s also the thing about reading other people’s blogs. My Bloglines list of bloggers and feeds has been isolated to those who write for Pinoytechblog, and I do want to expand my reading list, and actively participate in the ever growing blog community.

So here’s parts of the great blog plan:

  • Change the blog theme

This will take the longest to implement and officially deploy, since I haven’t found a theme that suits my taste now, that follows the hybrid, non-standard blog look.

  • Pimp my blogroll

I’ve killed off my blogroll a long time ago, since I can get my daily reading list fix from my Bloglines account anyway. The deployment of this part of the plan depends a lot on the theme change, though.

  • Update feeds from Bloglines account
  • Comment on other people’s blogs

I spend way too much time on Flickr, and though the interaction there serves me well, I certainly do believe there’s a similar world outside that would give me the same, satisfying interaction. And aside from photography, I should find myself getting back to my first blog-geek persona: that is, of a lover and semi-pundit of cinema.

Simple and short, eh? I’ll start with these, and then try to find a way to expand my readership base (haha. haha. omfg. haha.), and see where it goes from here.

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