Post Oscars 2007 Entry

First off, I’ve only seen one film from the winners’ roster, and that’s Babel. Hence, this post doesn’t necessarily convey a lot of objectivity.

On Best Film, and Best Director:

  • Scorsese’s The Departed was based on HK hit film, Infernal Affairs. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both films.
  • It’s not an amusing fact at all that the great Scorsese had to win an award based on an Asian remake, isn’t it? One would definitely have greater expectations from this much anticipated Oscar hand-off, but then, I personally haven’t been excited by any of Scorsese’s work as of late.

Two instances from the awards show I actually got excited about:
(DISCLAIMER: I didn’t the see the show in its entirety, though I’m surprised I actually bothered to see it at all)

  • The Danish Poet winning as Best Animated Short. What’s to be excited about? Its in 2D, and it swells like a long-lost animated classic tale of love, innoncence, and, well, poetry, which is a sharp contrast to the rest of its co-nominees. Watch a clip here.
  • Any mention of Pan’s Labyrinth, which has elated me since Cinematical posted its reviews, and when the trailers were being shown in the local theaters.

No, I don’t have a bias against any Hollywood output, but see, they already have their machine to back up their films, compared to the small number of us who choose to evangelize what the other films can offer.

On the Oscar 2007 coverage in cable news:

CNN and BBC considers the Oscars 2007 as news, with moderate coverage, and some analyses in the bin. However, I’ve been switching channels constantly, and I’ve only seen FOXNews mention the awards show in one segment. Oh, I’m not defending the significance of the Oscars, I’m just a little sickened why this so-called news organization would be so obvious that they won’t have anything from what they refer to as ‘liberal-Hollywood‘, and would rather allot airtime to Ana Nicole Smith-related updates (on err, what exactly?) on each of their shows.

2 thoughts on “Post Oscars 2007 Entry”

  1. Hi Ms. Rain,

    I think it was Infernal Affairs, but maybe just typo, hehe. I do quite agree that The Departed isn’t the perfect film for Marty to win. Maybe they’re just awarding him of those that has been robbed of him, say Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my most moving cinematic experience for the previous Oscar year. Quite excited for Sunshine. ^_^

  2. Jay, dude, correction: its MR. Rain.

    Anyway, made the correction, thanks for pointing that out. I just think that the Oscars is way beyond redemption na kasi e, kaya they have to settle for, uh mediocrity (?), and little kiss-ass tactics like this to appease everyone else in Hollywood… and further make the true cinema fan distance themselves from them.

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