5 thoughts on “Paprika: This is your brain on anime.

  1. kat says:

    Will definitely watch. I’ve been a fan of Satoshi Kon since watching Perfect Blue. Enjoyed Tokyo Godfathers. At first I didn’t want to watch it because I thought it would be full of drama, but in the end, it was more of a laugh fest. Have you seen Millennium Actress?

  2. Jolo says:

    Rain, this is included in my watchlist. 😀

  3. rain says:

    Hay. Wala ako makitang torrent nito… 🙁

  4. Jolo says:

    Hahah… Wala din ako … napanood mo na appleseed dibah? I recommend ghost in the shell, appleseed and spirited away & howl’s moving castle.

  5. rain says:

    Most Miyazaki, napanood ko na. Yung GITS din, 1 and 2, at di ko pa malimutan yung napakasamang ‘official’ subtitling nung 2, kaya I had to look for a better srt file na matino namang i-synch sa movie. Appleseed di pa, pero will consider.

    Lain Serial Experiments pa rin ang personal fave 😀 Hehe.

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