Paprika: This is your brain on anime.

Just saw Tokyo Godfathers’ (haven’t seen this, but I’m encouraged now) creator Satoshi Kon’s visually stunning Paprika (Quicktime trailer; Japanese Flash trailer): 29 year old Dr. Atsuko Chiba is an attractive but modest Japanese research psychotherapist whose work is on the cutting edge of her field. Her alter-ego is a stunning and fearless 18 year old “dream detective,” code named PAPRIKA, who can enter into people’s dreams and synchronize with their unconscious to help uncover the source of their anxiety or neurosis. Must, must, must-see.

5 thoughts on “Paprika: This is your brain on anime.”

  1. Will definitely watch. I’ve been a fan of Satoshi Kon since watching Perfect Blue. Enjoyed Tokyo Godfathers. At first I didn’t want to watch it because I thought it would be full of drama, but in the end, it was more of a laugh fest. Have you seen Millennium Actress?

  2. Hahah… Wala din ako … napanood mo na appleseed dibah? I recommend ghost in the shell, appleseed and spirited away & howl’s moving castle.

  3. Most Miyazaki, napanood ko na. Yung GITS din, 1 and 2, at di ko pa malimutan yung napakasamang ‘official’ subtitling nung 2, kaya I had to look for a better srt file na matino namang i-synch sa movie. Appleseed di pa, pero will consider.

    Lain Serial Experiments pa rin ang personal fave 😀 Hehe.

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