Leah Dizon and Ting Ting

Local, live-set informercial shows look insanely ludicrous for any skeptic consumer, but what if YOU see web celeb, half-Filipina model Leah Dizon gets a wee giddy using those head massagers? Oh, and did you know about her Japanese single/video yet? Man, you’re missing some (or I should get out more).

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2 thoughts on “Leah Dizon and Ting Ting

  1. tere says:

    i have a copy of her single. its ok. nothing fancy … its like hamasaki ayu meets namie amuro.

    i was surprised when i heard that her single reached top 18 in the oricon weekly rankings – singles. crazy! ^___^

  2. rain says:

    Uh, like I was paying attention to the song :p

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